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Available Services

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a therapeutic process whereby the clinician and client build a therapeutic relationship together.  This relationship creates a safe interpersonal environment where goals may be established and insights may be experienced.  Please view clinician profiles for clinical approaches utilized.

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Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety can become overwhelming. To provide relief, the therapist may offer tools the client can utilize to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Interventions such as deep breathing, challenging negative thinking patterns, guided imagery, meditation, and journaling are a few examples of what your clinician might recommend. 

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Family Therapy

Family therapy provides a therapeutic space for family members to explore their relationship dynamics and work toward goals such as conflict resolution.

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Performance Enhancement

Utilizing therapy techniques to build a stronger sense of self-confidence, the client gains skills to implement into their day-to-day life, often promoting a more preferred outcome.

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Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, the therapist guides the session, and assists the couple to recognize their goals, strengths, differences, and conflicts.  The therapist offers tools aimed at working toward the goals identified by the couple.

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Depression/Mood Disorders

The treatment of depression/mood disorders, trauma and grief are primary disciplines for many of our EMDR and Wellness clinicians.  Utilizing a trusted and varied scope of clinical therapeutic techniques, our therapists will provide safe, ethical, and productive treatments for the client in the midst of these challenging issues.

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