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Limited Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I’ve learned that all individuals have strengths that they can build upon, and I’m here to encourage and empower each person I work with to conquer their fears, address past issues, and take the first step towards wellness and self-growth. I believe healing for my clients will come through their hard work and motivation coupled with my training, caring, and giving. I am authentic when I say I have a warm and genuine passion for helping my clients achieve their goals. Intuition tells me I must know my clients’ stories, understand what societal concerns they may have, and be cognizant of underlying issues they face daily.

I specialize in working with college students and young adults, but I enjoy working with adults of all ages. Clients experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship issues, grief and loss, school/career issues, and life transitions comprise the bulk of my clientele. My therapeutic methods include solution-focused therapy, strength-based therapy, and CBT.

Our therapeutic relationship is important if we are to establish trust and initiate a process of growth and identify sources of strength and resilience. I hope to help my clients achieve overall mental and emotional wellness through improved coping skills.

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